Rosa: A true inspiration

At Shugar Soapworks, we are dedicated to honoring strong women (and men) who inspire and serve others. We are proud to introduce you to Rosa Rodriguez, a 20-year employee of Shugar Soapworks, who lovingly packs each bar of Shugar and Venezia soap so it arrives to you in pristine condition.

Maria, like all strong women, has faced and overcome personal challenges. She relocated to the United States, learned English, and became a citizen in order to take advantage of the educational opportunities she sought for her four children. The move was difficult, but as she says, it was necessary. Rosa lost one of her sons when he was 11 years old. She says healing is a slow process, but her faith has been a tremendous comfort.

Despite her personal challenges, Rosa sets an example for others. She is proud to have raised responsible citizens and enjoys vacationing with her children and grandchildren. She regularly helps others by collecting and distributing clothing to those in need. While she cares for everyone in her extended family, she realizes that caring for herself is important as well, which is why she can often be seen walking around her community park.

When asked what makes her strong, Rosa said, “My family is important to me, and providing for them is everything.”

Rosa said she loves working and is proud to be a member of the Shugar Soapworks family. Her advice for others is to, “Work hard, stay focused, and never give up.”


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