Here are a few of the recent comments we’ve received from our customers. What do you think about Shugar and Venezia soaps?

  • I recently started using a bar of the Charcoal Eucalyptus soap and my goodness, I don’t remember ever using a bar of soap that was so amazing that I was excited to use it. The fragrance that hits me as I lather a washcloth with it is absolutely heavenly. The layers of the scent go on and on and I just cannot get enough of it. I read that this is a test and that feedback is welcome. Well, please allow me to give my absolute highest recommendation for this bar of soap. If it continues to be available, I guarantee you that I will never use a different bar of soap in my life. Thank you so very much, Nick. 
  • Hello, This my first time using your, and I love it so much makes my skin so soft. Oatmeal + Coconut is everything!:) Thanks! 
  • Good evening customer service. My name is Anthony. I have been using this plant-based scented soap for more than two months. The soap is excellent for my skin and the price is affordable. Please, continue to produce this soap and if there is anything I could say regarding the soap, do not hesitate to ask me. Thanks for your understanding. Anthony 
  • It’s been a dream come true ever since I met Venezia. The product is such a winning soap! My skin has a hard time adjusting to other soaps, so thank you. Venezia, life is beautiful because of you and your Charcoal Eucalyptus plant-based scented soap. Good job! Keep up the good works. #YOUROCK
  • Loving the products!
  • SHUGARSOAPWORKS YOU ROCK, I thank you for the sweet smell of Oatmeal and Coconut soap. Thank you. Always and always yours, Charlet

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