There is nothing better than unwinding after a long work week in a luxurious, soothing bath. But, it’s often hard to find the time! So, make an appointment and enjoy the “me” time. A quiet bath helps sooth nerves, reduce stress, and simply makes you feel good. Here are our favorite tips that will make your bath time even more enjoyable.


Prepare Your Bath Essentials
  1. Assemble everything you need – a clean, soft towel, a comfy robe and slippers, your favorite magazine, candles, and your favorite scent of Shugar or Venezia soap.
  2. Pour yourself a cup of soothing tea, a nice glass of wine, or some refreshing cucumber and lemon flavored water.
  3. Add some scented oil when your tub is about half full. Lavender or rose are good choices as they have a calming effect and they complement the luxurious scent of Shugar soaps.
  4. Find the right temperature. We like to fill the tub a bit warmer than soak temp as the water tends to cool down quickly.
  5. Dim the lights, or turn them out and bathe by candle light.
  6. Play some relaxing music using an ad-free streaming service or your private music library.
  7. If you use a face mask, now’s the time to put it on.
Enjoy Your Bath
  1. Gently slide into the tub and get comfortable.
  2. Put on an eye mask and empty your mind.
  3. If you prefer, catch up on some light reading.
  4. Or do nothing. Remember it’s your time to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate.
  5. Use a soft wash cloth and your Shugar soap to gently wash just before you get out.
After Bath Care
  1. Remember that fluffy robe and slippers? Nows the time to slip into them and get ready to kick back.
  2. Enjoy some time for yourself.
  3. Read or listen to music.
  4. Heat a towel in the microwave (NOT TOO HOT) and wrap it around your neck.
  5. Take a deserving nap or head to bed early.

Indeed, #LifeIsSweeterWithShugar!