We recently received a poignant letter from one of our customers, and with permission, had to share. Here is one Strong Woman’s inspirational story.

“I am a survivor of brutal, emotional/mental manipulation abuse. I left the marriage, when I could see the rising potential for physical abuse escalating rapidly. I was in bad shape. I made it out because somehow, somewhere, I picked up on the realization that I must take care of MYSELF FIRST! If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t help anyone else.

I agree with and respect your “Strong Women, Soft Hands.” But PLEASE emphasize that women (anyone) first take care of themselves; only then are they strong enough to help others to take care of themselves!

Typically, a person who feels obligated to take care of others before themselves is using it as a diversion to keep from doing the work that they need so desperately to do on their own selves for their own health.

Women need to be healthy-strong first, not sapped of strength from guilt obligation to others. We all must support each other in this. It is our nature to be self-sacrificing and motherly, which is not a good pattern to pass on to others. It is exhausting and self defeating.

Thank you for listening!”

No, thank you for the lesson.