Bar soaps are back. Here’s why.


One of the biggest reasons for switching from shower gel or liquid soap to solid soap is the environment. The plastic used in gel and liquid soap packages can be recycled, most find bottles find their way to landfills. And some parts of the pump cannot be recycled. Add to this, the impact of manufacturing the packaging and the water used in the liquid products.  Bar soaps, like Shugar on the other hand, use paper packaging which is recyclable or compostable.


On average, 60% of the price of liquid soap is spent on the packaging. Additionally, the main ingredient of liquid soap is water. So essentially, you are spending money on bottled water that goes down the drain. By opting for a solid bar, your money cash is going into good quality and, in our case, natural ingredients that are nourishing for your skin. Shugar Soapworks and Venezia soaps last longer than liquid soaps as well, especially when stored in a soap dish that allows them to dry. This also saves you money and trips to the store.


When using Shugar soap you can use every last piece. Tiny slivers can be used in the washer or saved and reformed into smaller bars of soap. There is no waste with Shugar soaps like with liquid soap which can get stuck to the side of the bottle. In addition, Shugar’s manufacturing process ensures that every piece is used. Trimmings are automatically added back to the processing line, not thrown out.


While we may not be doing a lot of traveling during this pandemic, we will return to weekends away, summer holidays, and vacations. When you do go, a solid Shugar soap is much easier to take. It won’t set off alarms (liquid soaps do) and it won’t leak all over your clothes. And, if the zipper on your favorite dress gets stuck, a little bar soap can loosen it right up.


When it comes to dry skin, Shugar is the solution you want. It leaves your skin soft and supple. Oh and regarding PH Levels, there is no proof that they matter. Read our earlier blog. Shugar soaps also contain no artificial ingredients that can be irritating and drying to your skin. Since we triple mill our soaps, you always get a lush, creamy lather.

And, if that’s not enough, listen to what our customers say. You can see their comments on our Facebook page.