gift basketAnd nothing is sweeter than a little Shugar!  How about adding it to your gift baskets…for friends, neighbors, family, hairdressers, gardeners, cleaners, teachers, cooks, sports enthusiasts, firemen, doctors, scout leaders…it’s perfect for everyone. Here are some tips from Apartment Therapy on how to make the perfect gift basket this holiday!

Gift Basket Tips
  1. Pick a theme. Having a game plan helps guide you in all your purchases. Think themes like A Cozy Night At Home, Family Game Night, Gifts for Hosting, Kiss the Cook, Take Care of Me Day! or Teacher Survival Kit to get you on the right track.
  2. Start with a good container. Pick something that can easily be reused or repurposed. And by all means, don’t just go for a brown basket! Almost anything works!
  3. Stick to coordinating colors, even if you have to re-package some things.
  4. Go for the fancy(ish) soy candle. Don’t want to spend a ton? Wait for them to go on sale, buy in sets of 3, purchase minis, or make your own.
  5. Buy in bulk. You don’t need every gift basket to look the exact same – part of the recipe is to make sure the gifts feel personal. But when it comes to containers and other staples, buying in bulk or in sets that can be divvied up is smart.
  6. Take off price tags. No one needs to know you only spent $1 on a box of Shugar Soapworks soap!
  7. Avoid cellophane. Nothing says “I love making gift baskets and knitting things nobody wants” more than a brown basket wrapped in noisy cellophane. Instead try tissue paper, fabric, or nothing – just tie a ribbon on the handles.

Happy Gift Basket Season from all of us at Shugar Soapworks!