Two of our most popular scents are on their way to Dollar Tree stores across the USA. Shugar Soapworks Lemon soap will be back in Dollar Tree stores this June, just in time for Father’s Day! And, our new Charcoal Eucalyptus will be restocked across the country by then as well.

Charcoal Eucalyptus

LIMITED EDITION at Dollar Tree and Grocery Outlets. Our new Charcoal Eucalyptus soap is everything you’d expect from Shugar Soapworks and more. The charcoal provides a powerful, yet gentle cleanse and removes dirt and oils from pores. With the invigorating eucalyptus scent, it’s the ideal start to your day.

Lemon Soap

A fresh-picked lemon scent greets and invigorates your senses you every time you use this delightful soap. This rich, long-lasting citrus aroma was discovered and brought back by our soapmaker when he traveled to the heart of Italy.

Keep in mind, we ship to Dollar Tree distribution centers. To help us ensure our soaps get to you, contact Dollar Tree via their website and let them know you’d like it in your local stores.