The COVID-19 pandemic is truly unprecedented and an ongoing challenge for our country. With many schools closed and businesses shut or adapting to our new reality, and people working from home, it’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions and feelings. Grief, fear, sadness, frustration, anger, loneliness, and anxiety – we’ve all felt them. Especially when this disease hit our families. We were lucky unlike tens of thousands of others. So today, the reaction we want to express is gratitude.


The Shugar Soapworks community – wherever you are located – thank you for doing your part to help keep us all a little safer. And, thank you for the kind words we received, for supporting our products, and for sharing your stories of strength. And, thank you to each and every worker in our communities who is performing essential duties. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare professionals on the front lines of treating COVID-19 and other medical cases
  • Retail, grocery and foodservice workers providing us with much-needed sustenance and supplies
  • Custodians and janitorial staff working hard to keep COVID-19 and other germs away
  • First responders who continually tend to the urgent needs of the community
  • Transit workers who get people where they need to go
  • Postal workers who deliver mail, packages
  • Supply chain workers who keep our shelves full and businesses open
  • Maintenance workers who are keeping our utilities and other necessary public services running
  • Community leaders and volunteers who are helping other people get through this crisis with support and aid
  • Volunteers who are making and donating vital supplies like masks, face shields, and medical apparel, and to those helping their neighbors in whatever way they can.

To all of these essential workers, and to all others who have helped our communities: thank you, thank you, thank you!


We know firsthand that working in the midst of this crisis is difficult and sometimes upsetting. But we want to encourage you to keep pressing forward. Take time for your personal wellness and get some rest. Reach out to neighbors, friends, and family members if you’re in need or if you know someone is in need.

Please do yourself and the community a favor and be safe in whatever you need to do, and think of others’ safety as you do. Wash your hands with Shugar and Venezia soaps, wear protective masks and maintain appropriate distances. Until we can come together again, we will express our gratitude from behind protective barriers or from six feet away!

Thank you again!

Dan Shugar and the entire team.