We know that you work hard every day, which is why at the end, you love relaxing with Shugar Soaps. Our Strong Women Soft Hands campaign shines the spotlight on women (and the men behind them) who are make a difference in our communities, their families, and the lives of others through their unique combination of strength and gentleness.

These are your stories.

 Strong Women. Soft Hands.

We all know that the world is full of strong women who make an impact every day. Many of these women are well-known for their work and have forged paths so others may follow. They have achieved firsts and accomplished much in their lifetimes.

They are not alone. There are many strong women who change the world a little bit at a time in their own way and without fanfare. They meet life’s challenges head on and walk through them, not around them. Their paths make them stronger and wiser. They inspire others to move forward, pursue dreams, and in turn, make life a little better for those around them.

Strong women work hard at everything they do, day in and day out. They embrace challenges, stand firm and persevere. They face fears, overcome traumas and push through sorrow. They are resourceful and resilient. They are strong.

Yet, every strong woman whose story we’ve learned or we’ve met has soft hands.

Their hands comfort friends, wipe tears from the faces of children, help strangers, embrace love, and pray. They make meals and collect clothing for those in need and take care of their families. They work, teach, learn, play, communicate, and love.

Strong women embrace life with soft hands.

We are constantly amazed by the strong women we meet in our communities, through our work, and in our lives. We are inspired by their description of what makes a strong woman.

They believe that a strong woman…

…makes it through the storms of life with grace and a joyful attitude.
…is ready to handle whatever comes her way, knowing that she will survive.
…leads by example, appreciates what she has and shares it with others, no matter how much or how little she starts with.
…takes care of others – first.
…has the spirit to move forward regardless of whatever obstacles life puts in her way.
…overcomes adversity no matter what it could be, by being true to her heart and herself.
…holds her head high even when it feels like the world is falling apart.
…has faith in herself no matter what.
…embraces challenges, learns from mistakes, and keeps going.

At Shugar Soapworks we are fortunate to know many strong women who have worked to make a positive impact in their communities. To celebrate strong women everywhere, we are sharing their stories. In doing so, we hope that they will continue to inspire others to be strong. We are honored to show our appreciation for each of them and to bring their stories to life.

We know we have a long way to go and many more stories to learn. If you know a strong woman, or if you are a strong woman, we’d consider it a privilege to hear and share your story as well. Please send us an email or contact us via our Facebook page.



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