Shugar Soapworks is dedicated to making handwashing a more pleasant experience for children and people of all ages. Bar soap works the same, if not better, than liquid hand soap when removing dirt, oil, and bacteria from the skin. With scents ranging from coconut and lemon verbena to rose and honey almond, your kids will love the scent of the soap alone! Teaching kids to wash their hands properly can be a challenge. But, creating an engaging activity to go along with washing their hands will surely help kids stay focused on the task at hand.

The Five-Step Program:

One easy tip is to use the five-step program. Create a fun chant with these simple steps and say it with your kids as they wash:

  1. Wet.
  2. Lather.
  3. Scrub.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Dry. 

When you add their favorite song or rhyme, they are not only staying active in the task at hand but are developing a routine of timing when and how long each part of washing your hands takes. Teaching kids daily habits can be difficult under any circumstances, but in a world where we now have a heightened sense of germs and diseases, this can add stress to your daily parenting or teaching life.

The Why?

Parents and teachers have spent much time finding new and exciting ways to engage children in their daily hygiene needs, but one thing may be missing? Teaching kids not only how but why maybe the most crucial part of the lesson.

In this new world we live in, kids hear more about diseases, bacteria, and physical health, and safety far more often than most of us ever did as children. Every day kids hear that washing their hands is the most effective way to keep from getting sick. But they may not understand why. Teaching children why they must focus on and put effort into combatting germs may seem like a challenging and scary lesson. But there are ways to incorporate fun and games into these lessons. One fun and very visible game that teaches children how germs spread is the Glitter Game. Here is how to play:

Each person puts a different color of glitter on their hands. Then they all take turns shaking hands. After each handshake, they should look at their own hands. They will see their original color and the added color from every person’s hands they shake. 

We hope these tips help. If you have others, please comment on our blog or share on Facebook. We wish you all a safe and germ-free life filled with Shugar!