You’ve heard the phrase “Never leave home without it.” Well, the same applies to Shugar soaps. Whether camping, using mass transportation, staying at hotels, vacation rentals, or with friend, why not make Shugar soapworks a staple in your travel bag?

  • Packing Shugar soap is much easier than bringing liquid soap. It weighs less and won’t leak.
  • With Shugar you don’t have to worry about properly disposing of plastic the end of your camping trip.
  • Setting up a wash station with Shugar soap is simple. 
    1. Take an empty milk jug, clean it out, punch a hole in the bottom with a golf tee. Keep and use the tee as a spigot. Fill the jug with water and tie it to tightly a tree through its handle.
    2. Put a bar of soap in an old nylon knee high or washcloth. Tie it securely to the handle of the water jug.
    3. Tie a roll of paper towel to the tree at the side of the jug. 
    4. Voila! You have a hand washing station.
  • Shugar passes the TSA checkpoint with no problem, unlike liquid soaps. 
  • And, those small slivers you have left from a larger bar are perfect to use in airport and airplane bathrooms.
Vacation Stays:
  • The bar soap provided in most hotels can leave your skin dry and itchy. Not to mention, it doesn’t really feel as clean as normal. 
  • With Shugar Soapworks, you can protect your skin, enjoy a clean you are used to, and bring a touch of home with you wherever you go!
  • Take an extra box and share it with your host. They’ll love the soap and your thoughtfulness. 

With taking bar soap with you on vacation and especially camping, it is essential to consider a travel soap case to minimize excess liquid and keep your soap fresh for its entire life span. Here are some tips on how to take Shugar Soapworks with you wherever you go. 

  • Shape – Determining the right shape for your soap box is essential to see that it fits perfectly. 
  • Size – While a case may look right from the outside, properly inspecting the inner capacity and volume of the case is vital to make sure you don’t need to adjust the size of your soap bar, you don’t want to waste an inch of this soap!
  • Quality –  Inspecting your case’s design is essential to protect your soap over more extended periods.

By the way, these tips work for taking your soap to the gym, too!