Our team fields questions about at least one of these statements nearly every day. Customers usually call after seeing some misinformation. It saddens us as so many of you become so upset, needlessly. So today, our soapmaker is dispelling common myths about bar soap and sharing some basic facts.

1. Bar Is Soap Dirty


Dirt and grime scrubbed from your skin do not get trapped on the surface of bar soap’s surface. In fact, soap lifts and washes away the impurities on your skin, so they rinse away easily. That same dirt rinses easily off the soap. When you finish using the bar of Shugar soap, simply rinse it off and store it in a dry place or soap dish with ample drainage.

2. Bar Soap Is Wasteful


Bar soap is much less wasteful than liquid soap, from the packaging to the product. We firmly press our soaps to ensure they don’t crack or break, so they last a long time. And, with bar soap, you only use what you need. The pump action on liquid soap bottles typically means you use much more soap than necessary. A recent survey found that people use far more liquid soap when they squeeze it into their hands or a washcloth than they do when using bar soap directly on their skin. And when you reach the end of your Shugar soap, and you have a little piece, you can soften it with warm water and mold it into your next bar. There is literally no waste.

3. Liquid Soap Bottles Recycle Easily


Liquid soap containers are more difficult to recycle, and some parts are impossible. First, you have to completely rinse out the bottle, because leftover residue makes it harder to break down and be turned into new plastic. Second, you must remove the pump and throw it in the trash. This part cannot be recycled at all. Compared to Shugar’s recycled and recyclable packaging, the choice is clear.

4. Bar Soap Dries Skin

False – when it comes to Shugar and Venezia soaps.

True – for some brands.

Some soaps use harsh chemicals that strip skin of natural oils, along with dirt and grime. These chemicals can dry skin and, in some people, cause allergic reactions. At Shugar, we never use chemical additives. Our natural ingredients give you fresh, clean, and soft skin with every wash.

5. Bar Soap Is Messy


The best soap dishes let a bar of soap dry between uses. These dishes help eliminate puddles and messes. Look for a soap dish with adequate drainage. We often find the best options at local craft fairs from ceramic and glass artists.

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