Customers often ask us if Shugar soaps are pH balanced. The better question to ask is, “Do Shugar Soapworks soaps contain any chemical or synthetic ingredients or detergents?” These are what cause the pH in soap to rise. At Shugar the answer is no. Our soaps contain natural ingredients that help the skin balance itself.

What is pH?

pH (potential hydrogen) measures the acidity or alkalinity of water-soluble solutions using a scale of 1-14. Seven is neutral, below seven is acidic, and above is alkaline. Many soap companies promote “pH balance” for healthy skin. What they don’t tell you is that in healthy people, the skin secretes a protective Acid Mantle with a pH of about 5.5.

Washing with any soap removes the mantle, dirt, and oils. Immediately after washing, your skin starts to rebuild the Acid Mantle on its own. Within a few hours, your skin completely restores itself.


No scientific body has proven the claims about the benefits of “pH balanced.” Science shows that the synthetic ingredients, detergents, and enhancers added to soap for “balance” do more harm than good. They can strip the skin of natural fatty acids and oils, inhibit its natural moisturizing factors and prevent it from managing its own pH balance. In addition, many people are extremely sensitive to these chemical additives, which can cause skin and health issues.

That’s why Shugar is committed to using only the freshest natural ingredients we can, whenever we can After all, we want our soaps to make your skin feel sweet!