We found some delightful activities to scare up some fun at this year’s Halloween parties in a blog on Best Life.

Halloween games
  1. Toilet paper mummy race
  2. Candy corn guessing game
  3. Witch’s hat ring toss
  4. Pin the spider on the web
  5. Ghost sack race
  6. Skeleton scavenger hunt
  7. Donut eating race
  8. Slime time
  9. Bobbing for apples
  10. Jack-o-lantern bag toss
  11. Zombie tag
  12. Monster Mash freeze dance
  13. Pumpkin tic-tac-toe
  14. Costume contest
  15. Group ghost story

Before you get to the goodies, be sure to scare away any germs by washing with Shugar soaps!