Thanks so much to all our wonderful customers who share their love with us!  Here are a few notes we’ve recently!

Dear Mr. Shugar

I don’t think there is a 12 step program for “Soap Addicts.” If there is, we’re not interested! We are “hooked” on your Venezia soaps, and plan to stay that way. In fact, because we’re afraid of running out, we currently have 32 bars of Venezia stacked in the linen closet. When we see it in the store, we buy it! If someone saw our secret stash, they might think we’re hoarders. We love the quality of your soap, the size of the bars, the fragrance, knowing that it is made from natural ingredients and the beautiful packaging. Actually, I like leaving a box on the sink because it makes me think we have “good taste.” Your Venezia soap truly adds to the quality of our life. Thank you!



Well, Bill, we don’t know of a 12 step program either! We’re thrilled you like our soaps so much! Thank you.

Hey Shugar,

I love your Oatmeal & Verbena Soap.  It was my first time using it this morning. I purchased the soap at Dollar Tree, in Byram, MS. There were only three bars left and I purchased two. The stock clerk at Dollar Tree did not have any more. I love your products. I have a passion for your soap. Thank you. I forgot to mention I LOVE THE DESIGN OF THIS BOX. I will keep this box and I love this information about the soap. My mother and my sister have sensitive skin and this will be a good gift.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Jason, we will!