At Shugar, we often get questions about the fragrances in our soaps, so we thought we would share some quick facts.

Process Facts:

Fragrance oils typically are added to soap at .5 – 1 ounce per pound of oils. This fact is important as pure oils, like Rose, can cost $18.00 per ounce. It’s one reason we work diligently to source our fragrances from highly reputable providers in the heart of the French perfume industry. When we have to use a blend to keep our value high, we know we always deliver cosmetic grade and body-safe soap.

Shugar and Venezia soaps only use the highest quality oils to prevent discoloration. Our soap bars’ color is another sign of our purity. Some “inexpensive” or synthetic oils can turn soap tan or brown. And, when mixed with other scents can result in an off-putting, murky color, like a green that is more suited for Halloween than every day.

Some fragrances, often used in homemade soaps, can cause soap to get thick quickly or even rice or seize during the manufacturing process. Spice and some floral scents, if not appropriately sourced, are known to cause this problem. When this happens, the end product is not up to Shugar standards. That’s why we avoid these oils and use as much natural scent as possible. These fragrances also may cause the soap to heat up and even overheat in processing. These oils may cause cracks and lower the quality of the bar.

At Shugar, our fragrances are purchased from reputable suppliers who engage in eco-friendly processes, don’t test on animals, and specialize in scents for soaps. Not all scents are created equally. In their quest for exotic aromas, some companies and home soapmakers inadvertently use fragrance oils made for candles or which contain Dipropylene Glycol, an ingredient used in oil burners. These should never be used in soap.

With Shugar and Venezia, you always know what you’re getting.