School is back, and everyone is looking forward to the start of a new year. In addition to clothes and supplies, it’s also time to think about keeping your children healthy. So today, we are focusing on important health safety issues, including personal hygiene, food, physical health, and lifestyle.

Personal hygiene for your child

Teach your child to practice simple and effective personal hygiene habits, like washing their hands with Shugar soaps. This is essential for protection against illnesses like the flu. Here are simple hygiene tips:

  1. Wash hands regularly. Teach your child the importance of handwashing after every activity, like after using the bathroom and playing outdoors, coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose, and more. Pack a bar of Shugar soap in their lunchbox, so they always have what they need. Or, better yet, donate several bars of Shugar soap to the classroom.
  2. Take daily baths or showers: A healthy child plays and runs and works up a sweat! And, during play, they are exposed to germs and other dirt. Regular bathing (with their favorite Shugar scent) helps get rid of unwanted germs.
  3. Maintain regular dental hygiene. Regular brushing ensures they are free from dental problems.
  4. Eat foods will help them stay healthy. You know your child, so prepare lunches and snacks they’ll enjoy—stock up on foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy proteins.
  5. Get an annual check-up for vision, hearing, and general health, so their physical condition supports their ability to learn and have fun.
  6. Encourage your children to participate actively in P.E. and exercises. =
  7. Establish a reasonable bedtime to ensure they get enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation Sleep recommends that school-age children (6-13) get between 9-11 hours of sleep daily.

From buying school supplies to preparing your child for another successful school time, back-to-school health can be a breeze if you take time to prepare.

From all of us at Shugar, happy learning!