TINA: I Conquered Darkness and Today I Own a Yoga Studio

TINA: I Conquered Darkness and Today I Own a Yoga Studio

I spent years in a dark place, having to deal with chronic pain and severe post-traumatic stress after getting hit by a drunk driver.

Today, I own a yoga studio. I am a strong woman.

I actually discovered yoga when I was severely depressed and felt like I was running out of options because of the limitations of my body—my left leg was shattered, my lungs had collapsed. It got to an exploding point where I dove into a dark crevice. That week, I decided I was going to spend as much time as I could with my family. My mom was doing yoga at the time and invited me to a yoga class. The class was very intense. I was in a lot of pain. But I had a huge awakening and felt the presence of an energy that just took hold of me.

I surrendered to that energy. In that moment I realized I had options and wanted to live a full life, but I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. That was literally the moment when I let go of my pride and asked for help. I surrounded myself with other strong women, friends, and healers. I dove deep into yoga practice. I believe it essentially saved my life and helped me heal. I discovered how strong I was and became determined to help others who were struggling to heal through yoga. I had never owned a business, but I knew I could do it – and I did, with a little help from my friends.


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April 7, 2016