GLORIA: I am a Single Mom to Nine Kids

GLORIA: I am a Single Mom to Nine Kids

I am a a single parent, a mother to nine children (one is adopted) and a strong woman. As a single parent who left an alcoholic husband when my children were young, I vowed that I would do everything possible to care for my children. I washed people’s clothes and scavenged for a living. I looked through garbage for plastic bottles and tin cans that I could sell so my children would have food. It was a hand to mouth life.
The crisis and drama of my life didn’t stop there. My heart broke into million pieces when one of my sons was sent to prison because of drugs. That day I almost gave up. A feeling of desperation came over me like nothing I had ever felt before. But, I had to stay strong for him and my other children. Today my son is thriving now as is my entire family.

Through it all, I stayed strong for my other children. I always made time and showered them with love and hugs. We all struggled, and together we accomplished impossible feats. Perhaps staying strong through life’s challenges is what we all need to appreciate how much we really have.

I am a strong woman with soft hands who raised strong children.


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April 3, 2017