CATHY: Six Years ago I Came to a Crossroads in my Career

CATHY: Six Years ago I Came to a Crossroads in my Career

Six years ago, I came to a crossroads in my veterinary career. I was extremely unhappy in general practice and didn’t know what my next path would be. That’s when my classmate and I created a foundation dedicated to helping geriatric and terminally ill pets and their families with home-based end-of-life care. I am a strong woman who loves animals.

Although I had no question that I was pursuing my dream, there were plenty of people offering words of discouragement about the new endeavor. We had many naysayers when we started the program. Some friends and colleagues doubted our decisions — some even made fun of us!

Negativity can be toxic if you allow it to take control of your dreams, but I refused to be defeated. We used their negativity like a vaccine — preparing us for all the challenges that lay ahead. And slowly but surely, people started to understand our mission and appreciate the services we provide for families. It discouraged me, but only for a little bit. I knew it was going to be a fulfilling niche for us. I went to vet school to help pets and their families. We can’t always save them, but we can care for them until the very end. And that is what we do.

I am a strong woman with soft, caring hands.


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April 3, 2017