We know that you work hard every day, which is why at the end, you love relaxing with Shugar Soaps. Our Strong Women Soft Hands campaign shines the spotlight on women (and the men behind them) who are make a difference in our communities, their families, and the lives of others through their unique combination of strength and gentleness. These are your stories.


Packed For Devotion

At Shugar Soapworks, we believe in providing luxurious quality in all our soaps that care for you and the environment. That’s why we pay special attention to our packaging as well as to our soaps. Each one-of-a-kind keepsake box tells a story of exquisite beauty and delicacy. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, a perfect complement to our completely biodegradable soaps.

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Shugar Soapworks: Made in America

Made With Love In The USA

Each bar of Shugar soap is made with loving care expressly for you. Our soaps surround you with beauty from the instant you discover our delightful boxes in stores to the way our light scents and rich lather soothe and relax your entire body. Our soaps are created to make you and your skin feel clean and rejuvenated and to fill your room with delicious scents down to the very last sliver of soap.

The care we put in our soaps is seen in the attention to detail we take with our manufacturing. Every step of the process is designed to bring you the best products with the lowest impact on our environment. Our state-of-the-art, highly efficient machines triple mill each batch of soap to ensure our ingredients are thoroughly mixed and aerated to bring you a rich, luxurious lather. Our proprietary process ensures zero-waste in every step of the process, and we run our lines during off-peak hours to lighten the demand on the Los Angeles power grid.

While lovely to look at, we use minimal packaging, most of which can be recycled or reused. Where possible we use recycled materials. All Shugar soaps are manufactured in the USA.
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Shugar Soapworks: A Tradition of Soap Making

Shugar Soapworks started from the belief that everyone should have access to high quality, natural soaps made from eco-friendly ingredients. Dan Shugar, founder of Shugar Soapworks, defined three principles that continue to guide the company today as we turn fine natural ingredients into luxurious bars of soap.

Honest Earth-Friendly Ingredients

Shugar Soapworks only uses high quality, sustainably-sourced natural ingredients. Each year Dan Shugar travels to Italy and France in search of the freshest, most alluring, and delightful fragrances in the world. These are blended with RSPO certified, sustainably grown palm oil to create our exceptional soaps with light but long-lasting scents. At Shugar, we will never use artificial colors, animal products, preservatives or chemicals or petrochemicals. If an ingredient is not something we’d enjoy and feel safe using on our own skin, we simply won’t use it. The majority of our soaps are 100% natural and suitable for everyone.  In the interest of maintaining affordability, some of our soaps may contain synthetic fragrance oils, all of which are safe and vegan-friendly.

Compassionate Care

At Shugar Soapworks, the well-being of our communities where our customers live, work, and play are a top priority. Each year, with your help, we donate individually wrapped bars of soaps to nonprofits across the United States that are helping those in need. Through our Clean Hands Save Lives™ program we are bringing our communities together to help make a difference in the lives of others.

The Heart of Shugar Soapworks

At Shugar Soapworks, our heart is with you. That’s why  we are committed to making every bar of our soap ethically, naturally and cost-effectively for every one of our customers.